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If you don't vote, you could end up with a potted plant elected President, or even worse, Donald Trump. If you choose not to vote, you automatically waive your right to complain. Voting demonstrates your good faith attempt to get the political outcome you desire, and gives you every right to complain if things don't go your way on a key ballot measure.

Should Felons Be Allowed to Vote After They Have Served Their ... And to be free is to have basic American rights. One of those rights is to vote. Even because of their crimes they shouldn't be seen as criminals if they have served their time and payed their dues. Voting should be allowed for felons because they would vote for what they want and what's right. Do you think 18 years old should vote? | Yahoo Answers I need to choose a side for my persuasive essay, but I'm on both side. Please give a reason why 18 years old should or should not vote. (I think that all votes don't count because what if one side has like 50,000 and the other side has 40,000 if one person vote, the other side with 50,000 vote would still win.

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Perhaps it should also be a question of having a real stake in the process—such as serving in the military (age 18, or 17 with parental consent) or writing a check to the government to pay your ... Why millennials should vote on Election Day — and how to ... Why millennials should vote in the midterms (and how to get millennial non-voters to go to the polls if they weren't planning to this Election Day) When it comes to persuading ambivalent ... 10 Reasons Why College Students Should Vote -

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The reason why you should vote speaker 1 gave a good motivational speech. In my opinion her speech gave good reasons to get people to go out to vote. Being a victim of domestic violence, by voting for a change in the justice system for harsh punishment for domestic abusers, helped victims not to be afraid anymore. The president should be elected by national popular vote ... The president should be elected by national popular vote By John Koza — 09/12/16 10:20 AM EDT The views expressed by contributors are their own and not the view of The Hill 7 Reasons You Should Vote In This Year's Elections | HuffPost You still should vote in your election, because even if the candidate you loathe is destined to win in a landslide, you can make a dent in their margin of victory. That limits how much of a “mandate” they can claim once in office, encouraging them to promote more moderate policies so as not to jeopardize their re-election. History of US Voting Rights - UK Essays In the essay about why do not people vote, we gave you a brief history of voting over the past years, we gave you reasons why people do not vote and some solutions that can make the voting problem a bit less than what it is.

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9 Reasons We Need Young Voters More Than Ever Participating in politics is a hard-won right in our nation. Some experts argue that young Americans with such potential for affecting political change don't exercise the right to vote as often as they should. Many even suggest that the voting age should be lowered in an effort to promote earlier voting among teenagers and young adults.

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Sample Issues Essay journalist should always get a story first; but first, he should get it second. Running ... I find one aspect of my generation absolutely startling: the general apathy ... voting. A particular issue of extreme importance but usually of little interest to. Moral Truth and the Ethics of Voting: How Should I Vote? - Public ... 25 Aug 2016 ... I argued instead that voting for candidates by its nature constitutes remote .... this belief should study with care Jeane Kirkpatrick's classic essay ... National Essay Competition Winner – 2008 To Vote or Not to Vote ... Essay. For centuries, people have fought for the right to vote and now we see .... that schools should be doing more to educate students about the benefits of ...

10 Reasons Why Should We Ban Plastic Bags - Greentumble 10 Reasons Why Plastic Bags Should Be Banned. Because there are so many negative impacts from the use of plastic shopping bags, many cities and countries from around the world have already put plastic bag bans in place. The following are a number of reasons why local and national governments should consider instituting bans on plastic bags. 12 Reasons Why You Should Vote - The Odyssey Online Students also have the opportunity to same day register for early-voting. Anyone who is not registered and would like to be, can walk into the student union and fill our a voter registration form. Now I bet you're all wondering, why should I even vote? Here are 12 reasons why you should go out and cast your vote.